Snow Day!

We had another huge snow day this Spring in New York. It happened to be on a day when I was getting my first haircut here in the city and decided to go all the way to Brooklyn to get that done. Luckily, I didn’t have my internship that day, so I had the whole day off to just explore. Of course if I were to go to that part of the city, Williamsburg, now I wouldn’t be able to recognize it because that day it was completely covered in snow. After my haircut I took a long walk around and popped into shops here and there. I know Williamsburg has become one of the “cooler” places to live in New York as it has changed over the years, but I found a place to eat lunch that I have a hunch has been there for many many years. It was a small family restaurant called “Abracadabra”. As soon as I got in I could tell that it was all being run by the family (reminded me of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”). The kids were running the register cooking in the back while grandma and the others were sitting up front at the longest table the restaurant had. They all spoke in their language most of the time so I couldn’t understand what exactly they would be talking about, but I could understand the way they would talk by the way they used body language and verbal inflections. I recognized it as one big family who will “fight”, or debate, to get a point across but who also plays with each other. You could tell they have a lot of history all together with this place and that they love each other very much.

IMG_3448 2.JPG