Now that the weather is becoming at lot more pleasant and "Spring-y", I have been able to go on two different runs. My first run was downtown in Battery Park. I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to run along the water where the Statue of Liberty is. There are people from all over the world there just to visit the Statue of Liberty but I have the immense privilege of just hopping on a train any time I want and seeing the Statue of Liberty myself. Not only the Statue of Liberty but the great view of the city buildings from afar. It was such a gorgeous spring day to experience that with a friend. And recently I have run in my neighborhood, in Washington Heights, along another beautiful path of water. This particular place just happens to be a few blocks away from where I live, but, as opposed to the daily hustle and bustle that I experience when walking to and from the train in my neighborhood, this gave me a great perspective on how families in the area get to bond and take the time to relax with one another.