Now that the weather is becoming at lot more pleasant and "Spring-y", I have been able to go on two different runs. My first run was downtown in Battery Park. I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to run along the water where the Statue of Liberty is. There are people from all over the world there just to visit the Statue of Liberty but I have the immense privilege of just hopping on a train any time I want and seeing the Statue of Liberty myself. Not only the Statue of Liberty but the great view of the city buildings from afar. It was such a gorgeous spring day to experience that with a friend. And recently I have run in my neighborhood, in Washington Heights, along another beautiful path of water. This particular place just happens to be a few blocks away from where I live, but, as opposed to the daily hustle and bustle that I experience when walking to and from the train in my neighborhood, this gave me a great perspective on how families in the area get to bond and take the time to relax with one another.


Snow Day!

We had another huge snow day this Spring in New York. It happened to be on a day when I was getting my first haircut here in the city and decided to go all the way to Brooklyn to get that done. Luckily, I didn’t have my internship that day, so I had the whole day off to just explore. Of course if I were to go to that part of the city, Williamsburg, now I wouldn’t be able to recognize it because that day it was completely covered in snow. After my haircut I took a long walk around and popped into shops here and there. I know Williamsburg has become one of the “cooler” places to live in New York as it has changed over the years, but I found a place to eat lunch that I have a hunch has been there for many many years. It was a small family restaurant called “Abracadabra”. As soon as I got in I could tell that it was all being run by the family (reminded me of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”). The kids were running the register cooking in the back while grandma and the others were sitting up front at the longest table the restaurant had. They all spoke in their language most of the time so I couldn’t understand what exactly they would be talking about, but I could understand the way they would talk by the way they used body language and verbal inflections. I recognized it as one big family who will “fight”, or debate, to get a point across but who also plays with each other. You could tell they have a lot of history all together with this place and that they love each other very much.

IMG_3448 2.JPG

Running Into Alumni

I ran into an alumni on the subway the other day. It was so exciting to me because that hasn’t happened yet, at that point, to me. It gave me comfort because I got to see someone who graduated a few years back and is still doing what he went there to do. It was also fun because we just got to catch up with one another after a few years of not seeing each other. Unfortunately our conversation was only able to be as long as our wait for either one of our trains to get there. His train arrived, off he went on his journey, and off I went on mine. In the same city, pursuing the same things, in different directions.

New York Theater

I’ve been lucky enough to see a few shows since living here in the city since January 1st. After “Junk” I saw the Parisian Woman, Come From Away, Folk Wandering and This Flat Earth. And then I saw “Red Roses, Green Gold” and “Escape to Margaritaville”.

I bet you can gather that, from the names at least, each show was vastly different than the next. It’s pretty crazy that all these shows can be on Broadway (and off Broadway) and be so different. I went from seeing an INCREDIBLE, and indescribable, show about the true story of the planes that were literally flying in the air as 9/11 was taking place that were then all averted to the small town in Newfoundland, Canada. Each person was affected by the incident that happened that day and by each other just living together in this small town for several days. It was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once and I yes, I did ball my eyes out. Looking around the theatre I realized that many of these people were here in New York on that day and, I’m sure even the night I was there, some of the people represented in the show (all of the characters played by each cast member were based off a real person) were in the audience. It was very powerful. Haha so I go from a show like that to a show called “Escape to Margaritaville” which is just a bunch of Jimmy Buffet songs put together to create a story line around it. It was a very fun evening and it reminded me how poetic Jimmy Buffet is with the lyrics in his songs. But to go from come from away to that campy show is fascinating to see the wide spectrum that is Broadway.

I Made It!

After a saga at the airport which included $410 worth of checked baggage, a misspelling on my plane ticket, a mad dash to the gate after forgetting that liquids were in my carry-on, and the airline almost not having a seat for my mom, my mom and I FINALLY made it to New York City! 

For my mom’s birthday, the next night we were able to get good tickets to see the play “Junk” at Lincoln Center’s Beaumont Theater. “Set in the high-flying, risk-seeking, teetering financial world of the 1980s and inspired by the real junk bond kings of the day, this riveting story shows us from the inside how money became the only thing that mattered. Financier Robert Merkin will stop at nothing to take over an iconic American manufacturing company, changing the rules as he goes. With his brilliance matched only by his swagger, Merkin sets in motion nothing less than a financial civil war, pitting magnates against workers, lawyers against journalists, and every one against themselves.” 

If that synopsis doesn’t make you want to see it then I don’t know what will. But seriously, it was an intense, funny, and incredible show, and I am so glad I got to see it with my mom. 

THEN, just two days after arriving in New York, my first snow in the city happened! I couldn’t stop humming “walkin’ in a winter wonderland” except it felt too cold to walk. My mom decided to buy a ski mask because it was so cold. I’ve never been so cold as I’ve been since I got to New York. Living in Ohio for the past 3 and a half years, I wasn’t expecting it to be colder here than Ohio winters. I realize now how naive I was to think that. This past week alone has been 14-22 degrees with constant wind. All week. That’s insanity. Still, we had to go out and, ya know, it was quite beautiful. 

I have my first day of internship with Theatreworks USA tomorrow and could not be more excited. I can't wait to continue the path towards my career here in New York City and I hope you'll follow along for the ride.